Excel on
your terms

Your happiness, performance and growth at Mileway are our priority. We match you with the right role, aligned with your interests and skills. We support you by setting stretch goals and giving you the responsibility and accountability to achieve them. We are continuously coaching you to become the best version of yourself. The end goal is to give you the tools you need to accomplish great things, grow professionally and personally, and advance in your career.

Our People initiatives

At Mileway we want to give you the best employee experience possible, and to do this we have several HR initiatives to support you from day one.

01. Mi-buddy programme

Get a better start

On your first day you are assigned a buddy, who is one of your colleagues. They are there to help you to familiarise yourself with the business, Mileway’s culture, and to answer any questions you have.

“I found the Mi-buddy programme really helpful when I joined Mileway. It gave me an opportunity to get to know the company better and build great relationships, in addition to those in my direct team”

– Alexander, Malmo Office

02. Company-wide onboarding days

Better together in Amsterdam

Meet other new joiners at a company-wide onboarding day in our Amsterdam office. You will hear from our leadership team and have the opportunity to explore some of our properties in the local area.

“The day is really useful and enjoyable. The senior leadership start by sharing the company story and its journey, which brings everything to life. The personal introductions offer a great opportunity to get to know the leadership team and other colleagues, and by the end of the day you feel more connected to each other and the company. I really valued the day, and most importantly, had fun!”

– Janneke, Amsterdam Office

03. Mileway university

Develop your skill set

Mileway University is our internal training programme focused on our employees’ learning and development. Given the dynamic and varied roles we offer at Mileway, we understand the huge amount of personal development taking place each day among our people. To help support and enhance this, we have introduced four key programmes, which are open to all levels in the company, covering a wide range of topics. These are our Core Business Programme, Functional Programmes (IT, Finance, Data Academy & Legal and Compliance), Leadership and Management Development Programmes and the Personal Development Programme. This includes ESG training and giving all employees access to LinkedIn learning sessions and ‘Learning Hours’ on a range of topics, which ensures time is regularly earmarked for personal development across the business.

“I have found the LinkedIn learning platform to be a critical part of my professional development. The freedom to do the courses at your own leisure and the variety of course topics make this an invaluable tool in my professional work.”

– James, London Office

04. Employee engagement surveys

Have a say on your work environment

People who are engaged at work, experience a better quality of life. Our Employee Engagement Survey gives us a good view of how everyone is doing, and areas we need to focus on to make sure you remain happy and engaged. We run employee engagement surveys annually and we always share the key findings as well as actions we’re taking to ensure we are continuously improving.

How it works

  1. Each year in May, we send all of our employees an engagement survey to fill out – this is completely anonymous and run by an external provider.
  2. The results are then reviewed by the provider and shared firstly with our Leadership team, and then the whole organisation. This ensures we are completely transparent and can celebrate what is working well as well as areas we can improve.
  3. The leadership team, managers and HR department then come up with an action plan using additional employee input to show what actions we are taking in response to the survey results. These commitments are shared across the company and reviewed throughout the year to ensure we are keeping our employees up to date on our progress and that we are continually improving and evolving.
"The working atmosphere at Mileway is very pleasant. We have wonderful people from all over the world Abdul Rahman - Investment Accountant
“Mileway aims to put teams together with different experiences, to encourage creativity and diversity of thought. One of the biggest advantages of our team is that we come from different sectors and have different skills to bring to the table." Theo, Paris Office
“Day-to-day, the work I do is really varied and we know how to collaborate as a team and use each other’s strengths.” Maxime, Legal Counsel
"I was attracted to working at Mileway because it was something different, something I’d never done before. It was a super exciting role for learning new skills and meeting new people." Lucy Tremble, Junior Asset Manager
"I like problem solving, and working together with other teams. When I get an assignment I'm really excited to dive deep into the small nuances of it." Aiste Paulus - Technical Accounting Manager
"It’s a great team to be a part of, and it’s also a very young team. The sector is growing really quickly, and so are we." Thomas El-Sayed, Junior Asset Manager
It’s one of the few graduate roles where you can get straight into asset management. Obviously, we are in urban logistics which is a really exciting industry as well. Joe Unkles, Junior Asset Manager
During my journey at Mileway, I have grown a lot. You are challenged all the time; we work hard but we have fun as well. It’s really a culture where we do things together. Deborah Zebeda, Office Manager
"What I like about Mileway is that there is no typical day. You can come in every day and a new challenge on something will come up - you will never get bored here" Cyril Seraline - Country Finance Manager
"Mileway has really provided a fantastic platform for me to work with people from different, diverse backgrounds." Naomi Thoms, Marketing Coordinator
"You have the freedom to spread your ideas, come up with initiatives. I really like that we have a young team, everyone is very social. It’s a very relaxed environment even though it is fast-moving and dynamic." Chaya Rampersad, Asset Manager
"My team was super flexible. There is a lot of space for me to explore a broader role within my team and the organisation" Erdenegerel Bayarjargal - Investment Accountant
"To work at Mileway, you have got to be diligent and you’ve got to be willing to embrace new ideas, systems and technologies." David Deeley, Senior Asset Manager
"For me, it’s the people who make Mileway the place to work. People who are committed and dedicated to their work, who support each other, but also celebrate successes together. This all creates an atmosphere of trust, motivation and inspiration" Karolina Niemczik - Finance Manager
"At Mileway, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to get involved with a lot more complex property matters. This kind of hands-on experience is really vital to my development as a young surveyor." Angelo Constantinou, Asset Manager
"If you show that you're committed and want to be a part of the adventure, then its really valued and recognised" Ombeline Taton - Senior Corporate Officer
"What we do at Mileway is very much about togetherness, it’s at the heart of everything that we do really. It’s a very fast-paced environment and it’s an exciting place to work." Daniel Gray, Asset Manager
"I was given a great opportunity to take on responsibilities and to grow my career as well." Reiner Scheck - Vendor Management & Payment Supervisor
"I was attracted to working at Mileway because day-to-day it really varies. I could be working on a big Capex project one day, or I could be walking around with the tenants on a small estate the next day." Grace Shackell, Asset Manager

Building a better workplace

Develop a diverse and vibrant company culture

Over 45 different nationalities are represented across our business and having a broad range of perspectives has been central to how much we have achieved.

Through our partnership with UK based charity The Brokerage, we help also support the acceleration of youth social mobility through traineeships and apprentices.

Best in class career development

We want to create an environment that helps our people flourish.

Our training programme for employees at all levels across the business, Mileway University, ensures continuous learning and development.

Our leadership acceleration programme helps ensure we facilitate representative future Mileway leaders.

Encourage community engagement

We enable employees to contribute to and connect with the local community.

Our impactful community outreach programme enables our employees to participate in community service, volunteer projects and mentoring.

We support 100% of our employees to be engaged with our communities.

Acting for the environment

Find out more about how we are building a diverse workplace and our wider ESG initiatives here.