Why Rent in The North West?

Mileway in the North West

The North West of England is home to some of the UK's biggest and most important economic powerhouses, including Manchester, Liverpool and Chester, the three largest urban areas in the region.

That makes the North West a vital location for logistics and industry, and an area where many businesses want to have spaces that are well connected and built around their needs.

To meet that demand, Mileway has a diverse portfolio of last mile real estate in strategic infill locations at the edge of key cities across the North West. These locations boast excellent connectivity and proximity to national transport networks. So, if you’re looking for the right unit, warehouse or office space in the region, we’re confident we’ll have exactly what you need.

The North West has great connections, transport and major hubs

The North West has excellent access to major roads, international airports and ports. One of the largest and most important is Manchester Airport, home to the World Freight Terminal which serves destinations worldwide and handles more than 120,000 tonnes of imports and exports every year.

What’s more, the Port of Liverpool is the most centrally placed container port in the whole of the UK and receives hundreds of vessels annually.

A vast network of motorways and major A roads forms the backbone of the region. The UK’s longest motorway, the M6, also runs through the North West, connecting Glasgow to London and offering fantastic connections to the rest of the country, while passing through Penrith, Lancaster, Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester.

Meanwhile, running east to west, the M62 directly connects the major hubs of Manchester and Liverpool, running through many of the most important areas of the region on the way.

These routes and the connectivity they offer make strategically positioned industrial units in the North West vital for businesses of every shape and size – supporting faster delivery times, smoother processes and happier customers.

Why here, and why Mileway?

In addition to the region's connectivity and commercial hubs, the North West is also one of the UK's most populated regions, with its cities supporting over 7 million people and various different business sectors.

Our commercial properties for rent, with close proximity to these major cities, shorten the last mile and offer access to a large workforce.

To support businesses in the area that make use of our properties, we’re constantly refurbishing and adding to our portfolio in order to both meet demand, reduce our impact on the environment and bolster workforces through innovative design.

Our warehouse spaces range from smaller units for city-based start-ups to larger distribution centres. In total, we have over 1.15 million square feet of space in the North West, meaning we can meet any space requirements you might have.

North West spotlight: Haydock Industrial Estate

Strategically located just off the M6, with easy access to both Liverpool and Manchester, Haydock Industrial Estate is one of Mileway's largest and most innovative properties. With up to 250,000 sq ft of space spread across 32 industrial units, it's a symbol of the importance of the North West, and our commitment to the region.

We’re always updating our list of helpful resources about the North West, so take a look at the articles below for any additional information, and be sure to check back regularly. If you’re looking for any specific details about the region, or simply want to find out more about one of Mileway’s properties, please just get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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