5 pieces of technology every logistics business needs

The challenge is knowing which technological investments make the most sense. Some businesses will have a much greater reliance on software, and therefore need to spend more on regular upgrades and training, while others may be transitioning to new models like ecommerce and need to first focus on getting the right infrastructure up and running.

Regardless of where you are on your business’s digital journey, there are a few areas that are always worth looking into – particularly for organisations in the industrial or logistics sectors that need to make the very most of their spaces and processes.

Here are five of the most important.

1. Make the most of electric vehicles

One of the biggest tech innovations in logistics over the last few years has been the rise of electric vehicles – or EVs. These low or no-emission vehicles are a huge asset for businesses, as they cost less to run, but still make it possible to get products from A to B in the timeframe that customers expect.

Just as importantly as lower costs, EVs are fantastic for the planet, with a reduced environmental impact that contributes to more responsible operations. So look for a warehouse or workplace that already has on-site charging. Or, if there’s a property you’re interested in that doesn’t have them, talk to the owner to see if they can be installed.

2. Make your space more sustainable

If you’re wanting to combine technology with sustainability, then looking more closely at your space is another great option. There are all sorts of different ways that you can improve the operational efficiency of a space – from installing special LED bulbs or automatic lighting sensors through to better heating and ventilation systems or the installation of solar photovoltaic panels.

Of course, you don’t need to change everything right away. Even a few small changes will likely cut down on your monthly bills – providing a nice boost to your bottom line while also reducing emissions.

3. Invest in new equipment

While you’re investing in new technology to make your space cheaper to run, you might also want to look at the equipment you’re using inside it.

If you’ve had certain pieces of kit for several years, there may be newer models available that can perform the same tasks more efficiently, or with less power. Upgrading won’t just help you save money on energy. It’ll also let you get things done faster, freeing up time for your teams to work on other things, or to increase production and grow your overall operations.

4. Take your logistics online

Perhaps the biggest technological advancement any of us will have seen in our lifetimes is the rise of the internet. In just a few short decades, it’s become the way most of us get our information and buy our products – often from mobile devices that go everywhere we do.

But the internet is also an absolutely vital tool for businesses of every shape and size, and in industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, food, health, media, and of course, logistics.

If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy to get your business’s name out there, then you’re a step behind the competition. That could mean launching online ad campaigns, publishing articles to start and lead key industry conversations, or simply investing in a new website to provide a better experience, but the key is not to ignore online channels. They’re only going to continue growing in value to businesses, and are an essential avenue for increased sales and brand awareness.

5. Start with the right space

To make the most of new equipment, more efficient vehicles, or streamlined processes, you’ll first need the right base to grow from.

A well-connected and flexible commercial space with room for your business to expand and invest will act as a platform for anything new you want to incorporate into your day-to-day operations. With hundreds of properties in strategic last mile locations around the UK, Mileway can help.

We know that the businesses who rent from us are always evolving, so whichever space you need right now, we’ll make sure it works for you for as long as it needs to. And when it comes time to upgrade to something bigger, we’ll support your seamless relocation – even if you’re still within a lease period – to keep the focus firmly on going from strength to strength,

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