Tim Beaudin, Mileway’s CEO, shares his message to stakeholders in Mileway’s ESG Report for 2022. Read the message below, and explore the full report here.

When I joined Mileway in July 2023, I was struck not only by the business’ scale and ambition but also by Mileway’s genuine commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and good governance processes. As Europe’s leading last mile logistics real estate company, our large-scale presence in urban locations calls upon us to have an ESG strategy across our portfolio. Our reach enables us to drive meaningful change and create long-term value for a wide group of stakeholders through the implementation of robust ESG best practices.

We published a Statement of Intent last year outlining the pillars of our ESG strategy and focusing on issues that in our opinion hold the most materiality for our stakeholders. This inaugural annual report offers an update on the advancement of our strategic objectives and demonstrates the continued integration of ESG considerations into our operational practices.

Sustainability considerations hold growing importance for our customers and are increasingly influencing their decision-making when it comes to real estate occupation. Close collaboration with our customers is crucial to attaining our sustainability objectives, as is supporting them in reaching their own sustainability-related goals.

From a sustainability perspective, we are focused on reducing primary energy consumption and lowering carbon emissions at our properties. In 2022, we conducted a thorough assessment quantifying our greenhouse gas emissions and made substantial progress in increasing LED coverage and solar photovoltaic capacity across our portfolio.

Our LED lighting coverage across the portfolio is 3 million sqm (equating to 21% of Mileway’s gross lettable area) and we will continue to track improvements in coverage going forward. At the end of 2022, our overall photovoltaic capacity stood at 24 MWp. Increasing LED coverage and photovoltaic capacity enables us to reduce the carbon footprint of our properties. Other carbon reduction initiatives that are within our control and are areas of focus include renewable energy procurement, HVAC system upgrades and improving building insulation.

Raising awareness of sustainability and training our employees is critical to meeting our ESG targets. We created an employee sustainability training programme available to all employees via Mileway University, our in-house learning and development platform.

We also believe in contributing to our communities. In 2023, we launched a volunteering programme – Mileway Acts – for employees to engage with the local communities where our properties and offices are located.

ESG is firmly embedded into our governance structure via robust policies, procedures and our ESG committee. We’ve designed our ESG framework to ensure it is measurable and aligns with institutional reporting standards including GRI, sBPR and GRESB. We are adopting a proactive approach to our inaugural GRESB submission in 2024 by collecting required data points in advance and creating a focused plan of action based on our preliminary shadow submission.

While we are still in the early stages of the roll out of our ESG programme, we are already seeing promising results. I am deeply committed to the success of our ESG programme and to taking an active role in steering the organisation to achieve our ESG objectives.

Read more about our approach to ESG here.

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