With 600,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories, DHL works every day to help its clients go beyond borders, reach new markets, and grow their businesses.

DHL is committed to leading the transition towards sustainable logistics and reducing the environmental impact of its last mile operations. As well as strategically locating its branches near retail and residential centres to ensure a shorter last mile journey, it has invested in several sustainable initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. These include moving to renewable energy sources, adopting an electric fleet and installing an accompanying charging infrastructure.

In Azzano San Paolo, just outside Milan, DHL Express Italy leases space from Mileway to connect the eastern Milan area and Bergamo city easily. Here, working in partnership with Mileway, the Company has installed 76.44 kWp of photovoltaic power and 41 electric vehicle charging stations to meet the operational demands of the branch. The office area has also been renewed to enhance the work environment for its people.

These initiatives allowed DHL Express Italy to optimise its energy efficiency inside the facility in Azzano San Paolo, as well as create a blueprint for becoming more sustainable also across other properties.