Using our scale to make impactful change

We create and provide space where businesses can grow sustainably and where they can connect with the local communities that they serve. This is why ESG is at the heart of how we continue to generate long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Our ESG ambition

ESG has been built into our business strategy since the very beginning. With 9,400 customers, across almost 1,700 properties, we can make a real impact on a very wide group of stakeholders through the implementation of our ESG best practices.

We do this by


    • → Reducing greenhouse gas emissions at our properties by providing our customers with the means to reduce energy consumption and transition to renewable energy sources


    • → Increasing our impact across our value chain by working with our suppliers to embed high standards of sustainability and social responsibility into their practices


    • → Working together with our customers to support them in achieving their sustainability goals


    • → Partnering with the local governments where our properties are located to help support the use of electric vehicles and the implementation of low emissions zones


    • → Encouraging an inclusive company culture and providing our employees with opportunities to support local charitable initiatives


  • → Promoting strong governance standards, being transparent about our objectives and progress and reporting according to the key sustainability frameworks


We are committed to reducing the impact of climate change by supporting the transition to a low carbon economy. We do this through promoting sustainable operations, increasing the climate resiliency of our properties and working alongside stakeholders towards a greener last mile.

“Improving the environmental impact of our properties is how we futureproof our portfolio and safeguard our investment. It is increasingly becoming the number one consideration for the customers we partner with, making it a commercial must.”

– Julie Villet, Head of ESG & Innovation


We invest in our people and our local communities by providing training and volunteering opportunities as well as fostering a diverse and inclusive culture.



“The key to a thriving workplace is creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, professional and personal growth opportunities are encouraged and where employees can truly be themselves.”


– Marloes Wasserman, Interim Head of HR


Strong governance is at the heart of Mileway. For ESG, this means leading from the top of the business and embedding ESG across our management structures, processes and policies, with robust measurement and reporting structures in place.



“Mileway’s high ESG standards mean I can contribute to the sustainable future of our society and our industry every day.”

– Margaux Nastorg, Marketing Manager, France and Sustainability Champion

Adhering to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We have aligned our ESG programme with six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we believe we can make the greatest contribution to.

ESG Reports

Our ESG Reports detail our ESG targets and progress to date, as well as providing a roadmap for the future. It shows how we plan to embed our responsibilities further into our business strategy, using it to create long-term value for all of our stakeholders.

2022 ESG Report (Latest)
View ESG Statement of Intent

Case studies

Using solar to futureproof West Hallam in East Midlands, UK

The West Hallam property is our largest in the UK by area at 1.2 million sq ft. We are installing 1,545 solar panels on 3.5 acres of unused land. Our investment of £1.3 million will generate 1.05MWp of solar capacity to fully power the property and allow for excess electricity to be sold back to the grid.

Solar installation will also support the installation of EV charging stations for our largest customer at the property, which is a global 3PL, as well as other customers. We also plan to refurbish and redevelop ~300,000 sq ft of existing buildings, aspiring to a BREEAM 'Excellent' certification and we will foster biodiversity in the area by applying a woodland management plan to 20 acres of mature woodland on the site.

Redeveloping Tobaksfabriken in Malmö, Sweden

Our largest property in Sweden is the Frans Suells Tobaksfabrik, an 80,000 sqm multi-building property, which had until the early 2000s been the centre of Malmö’s tobacco production, a historically important industry for the city. in 2022, we completed the refurbishment of a 9,000 sqm building within the property, creating versatile spaces to meet the needs of the growing number of small local businesses and lifestyle brands in the area.

The building now adheres to strong environmental standards and achieved BREAAM In-Use ‘Very Good’ certification following the installation of new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, LED lighting, upgraded glass and insulation and EV charging stations. Our first customers moved in during Q1 of 2022 and our Malmö office is also located at the property.

Partnering with the Brokerage

In 2022, we began our UK partnership with the social mobility charity, The Brokerage, which works with less-advantaged young people and employers to drive positive change in the workplace. The Brokerage works with us to support the development of our inclusive company culture, providing youth consultancy, reverse mentorship and training for our team and leadership.

During summer 2022, we hosted two interns from The Brokerage’s network, who spent 10 weeks across our Asset Management and Transactions teams. Beyond the internship programme, we attend recruitment fairs and host regular seminars to educate The Brokerage’s network on Real Estate as a career choice and help develop crucial sector skills. We are the first property company in the UK to partner with The Brokerage.