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Your career in urban real estate begins here

We have a foothold right where customers are. With more than a thousand premium spaces in the best urban locations across Europe, we deliver best-in-class service and room for our customers’ businesses to grow.

Room to grow - there’s plenty of that in your career at Mileway.

We’re a brand-new team working at startup speed, supported by the experience and capital of the world’s biggest investment and advisory firm. We’re looking for like-minded people with drive, integrity and team spirit.

“Mileway tries to have diversity of character. We come from different sectors and that's one of the advantages of our team.” Théo Delfosse, Asset Manager
"I was attracted to working at Mileway because it was something different, something I’d never done before. It was a super exciting role for learning new skills and meeting new people." Lucy Tremble, Junior Asset Manager
"In my day-to-day job at Mileway there is a lot of diversity in the work and we really know how to collaborate and use each other’s strengths." Maxime Mullink, Legal Counsel
"It’s a great team to be a part of, and it’s also a very young team. The sector is growing really quickly, and so are we." Thomas El-Sayed, Junior Asset Manager
“I relate to Mileway’s Drive value. I want to achieve my goals and I’m not afraid of failing.” Thaïs Darblay, Asset Manager
"We are building the company from the scratch. I think there is great opportunity and potential in this sector. The collaboration among all the countries in which we operate is really inspiring." Martin Kuipers, Group Financial Controller
It’s one of the few graduate roles where you can get straight into asset management. Obviously, we are in urban logistics which is a really exciting industry as well. Joe Unkles, Junior Asset Manager
“The pan-European culture attracted me to Mileway. We have so many projects and I have so many roles that it makes you grow and learn so much.” Sarah Bersinger, Office Manager
During my journey at Mileway, I have grown a lot. You are challenged all the time; we work hard but we have fun as well. It’s really a culture where we do things together. Deborah Zebeda, Office Manager
"Mileway has really provided a fantastic platform for me to work with people from different, diverse backgrounds." Naomi Thoms, Marketing Coordinator
"You have the freedom to spread your ideas, come up with initiatives. I really like that we have a young team, everyone is very social. It’s a very relaxed environment even though it is fast-moving and dynamic." Chaya Rampersad, Asset Manager
"I like the independence that you get. You get to see the full property cycle, from acquisition through to creating your own business plans, and ultimately, in some cases, through to disposal." Max Pearson, Asset Manager
"To work at Mileway, you have got to be diligent and you’ve got to be willing to embrace new ideas, systems and technologies." David Deeley, Senior Asset Manager:
"At Mileway, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to get involved with a lot more complex property matters. This kind of hands-on experience is really vital to my development as a young surveyor." Angelo Constantinou, Asset Manager
"We get a real opportunity to shape the future of our personal development, and we are also feeding into the wider company strategy. I feel like the future of Mileway is really bright and being able to play a part in that is something that really excites me." Emma Courtney, Asset Manager
"What we do at Mileway is very much about togetherness, it’s at the heart of everything that we do really. It’s a very fast-paced environment and it’s an exciting place to work." Daniel Gray, Asset Manager
"I was attracted to working at Mileway because day-to-day it really varies. I could be working on a big Capex project one day, or I could be walking around with the tenants on a small estate the next day." Grace Shackell, Asset Manager

Our values


We take initiative, strive for excellence and follow through


We are transparent in doing and thinking, with respect for each other


We learn by going outside our comfort zone, value other opinions and give feedback


We achieve as a team and celebrate our successes

Working at Mileway

Make it yours

Trust is at the centre of the way we work. No one’s written the rulebook, so it’s up to you to show us how you’ll get things done. After all, you know your job better than anyone.

Be yourself

We are an equal opportunities employer. But beyond that, we are passionate about creating a workplace of inclusivity. Don’t leave your truth, your personality, or your life experience at the door. We value breadth of experience and diversity in all its forms.

Careers without borders

Looking to go places? So are our customers. With our pan-European footprint, Mileway is a great place to launch your international career.

Your energy, your way

We believe in flexibility and the opportunity to recharge your batteries so you can bring your A-game to work. And to make relaxing just a little easier, we’ll organize a few Thursday drinks to socialize and unwind.

Best in class

When it comes to employee happiness, we don’t cut corners. We'll set you up in a great working environment with a state-of-the-art technology package to keep your workday friction-free.

We’re going places

At Mileway, we know what we want to achieve. We have clear and ambitious goals and we’re counting on you to help us get there. We offer a truly unmissable opportunity to shape your career and make our company yours.


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