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Commercial Property Technology
Commercial Property Technology
april 2024Finland

#EarthDay focus: futureproofing our portfolio in Finland

Bremen Development - Mileway and Louis-Krages
Bremen Development - Mileway and Louis-Krages
april 2024Duitsland

100% occupancy reached at Louis Krages Logistikpark development in Bremen

april 2024Duitsland

Mileway announces a string of new lease agreements across Germany totalling more than 50,000 sqm

april 2024Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway appoints Andrew Jones as Managing Director for the UK

22,000 sqm leased in Rotterdam
22,000 sqm leased in Rotterdam
maart 2024Nederland

22,000 sqm leased in Rotterdam

maart 2024Groep

Women’s Affinity Network holds panel discussion

maart 2024Duitsland

6,500 sqm leased in Regensburg

maart 2024Duitsland

Mileway appoints Ulrike Haack as Country Director for Germany

februari 2024Zweden

Kund Lögstrup Sverige förlänger sitt hyresavtal i Malmö

februari 2024Spanje

Mileway renueva una propiedad en Valencia

februari 2024Frankrijk

Mileway redevelops site in Greater Paris

januari 2024Spanje

Equipo en España se asocia con Savills y CBRE para un evento

januari 2024Finland

Mileway’s team in Finland supports TET programme

december 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

UK Christmas charity drive

december 2023Groep

CEO Tim Beaudin shares his message on sustainability

december 2023Groep

Mileway ESG Annual Report

december 2023Duitsland

Teams in Berlin and Hanover volunteer with Baumgutschein Brandenburg

november 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Team in North East UK volunteers with Surfers against Sewage

november 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway’s team in Glasgow supports the foundation Hansel Ayrshire

november 2023Finland

Refurbishment project in Tampere, Finland

november 2023Groep

Mileway Acts in Q3

november 2023Duitsland

New 10,000 sqm lease agreed at Bremen

oktober 2023Frankrijk

Team visits development in Wissous, Paris

oktober 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway signs 10-year lease agreement with TradeChoice for a newly renovated c19,000 sq ft Cardiff property

oktober 2023Italië

Mileway supports Cascina Biblioteca in Milan

oktober 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway’s team in Yorkshire supports Leeds Countryside Rangers

oktober 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway volunteers with London Play Design

oktober 2023Zweden

Mileway Malmo team supports RMHC

september 2023Nederland

Mileway supports Villa Joep at Dam tot Dam 2023

september 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway signs new leases at Holbrook Avenue in Sheffield, UK

september 2023Frankrijk

Mileway attends the groundbreaking ceremony of a development in Wissous, Paris

augustus 2023Zweden

Mileway agrees 10-year lease with 3D Prima for 5,700 sqm unit at logistics warehouse development in Sweden

augustus 2023Denemarken

Mileway cleans up trash in Copenhagen with GreenKayak

augustus 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway partners with artist David Samuel at Park Royal Works in London

augustus 2023Duitsland

Mileway volunteers at a Caritas association in Frankfurt

juli 2023Groep

Mileway Acts in Q2

juli 2023Groep

Mileway announces CEO transition

juli 2023Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway continues its partnership with The Brokerage

juli 2023Finland

Mileway installs solar PV plants in Finland

juli 2023Spanje

Mileway signs new lease with Madrid HiFi in Getafe, Madrid

juli 2023Frankrijk

Mileway signe un nouveau bail avec Picnic en France

juli 2023Nederland

Mileway holds beach clean-up with Plastic Whale in the Netherlands

juli 2023Duitsland

Mileway welcomes new customer, BLG in Berlin, Germany

april 2023Duitsland

Mileway signs new lease agreement with Picnic as it continues to support the business in scaling its operations across Europe

maart 2023Zweden

Taklagsfest på Söderarm 11

maart 2023Groep

Businesses across Europe to increase last mile space as part of continued focus on e-commerce

februari 2023Duitsland

Mileway welcomes new customer, Who’s Perfect in Hilden, Germany

februari 2023Zweden

Ground-up development at Soderarm 11 in Malmö

januari 2023Nederland

Mileway agrees lease with new customer, Crisp, in Eindhoven

januari 2023Finland

Mileway extends lease in Finland

december 2022Duitsland

Mileway team in Stuttgart supports “Die Tafel”, an organisation for people in need, with food distribution

december 2022Zweden

Vi på Mileway vill se till att barn i Sverige får en god jul i år

december 2022Groep

Mileway creates new leadership roles and announces several promotions as part of new Asset Management Leadership Team structure

december 2022Zweden

Stor satsning på solceller och energioptimering hos Mileway

Mileway completes renovation of a property in Roncq
december 2022Frankrijk

Mileway completes renovation of a property in Roncq

november 2022Duitsland

Handover event in Bergkamen

november 2022Frankrijk

Déjeuner brokers à Roncq (région Lilloise)

november 2022Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway partnership with The Brokerage

november 2022Frankrijk

Mileway recrute Aymeric Canivenc en tant que Country Director France

november 2022Groep

Gemensamt initiativ för energibesparing

november 2022Duitsland

Mileway holt Bauherrenpreis 2022

november 2022Nederland

Ringweg 6, Roermond

oktober 2022Verenigd Koninkrijk

Team in London & the South East welcomes industry professionals at portfolio showcase

oktober 2022Frankrijk

Mileway, le spécialiste de la logistique du dernier kilomètre, accompagne Blackstone dans l’acquisition de 6 nouveaux actifs à Paris et en région

september 2022Nederland

Senior ESG Manager Tim van der Weide speaks at REBF about growing importance of ESG

april 2022Zweden

Mileway signs over 75,000 sqm of lease agreements across Sweden as demand for well-located properties continues

januari 2022Zweden

Mileway signs seven leases across Sweden as logistics businesses look for space which connects them to the local communities they serve

januari 2022Frankrijk

Mileway signs over 15,000 sqm in France amid rise in demand for last mile logistics properties

december 2021Groep

Strong demand for last mile properties across Europe as 60% of companies plan to expand in order to keep pace with continued growth in e-commerce

Make the last mile count raises €25,000 for Red Cross in Support of Ukraine.
december 2021Groep

Make the last mile count raises €25,000 for Red Cross in Support of Ukraine.

november 2021Spanje

Mileway acquires Valencia new-build as it continues to expand presence in Spain

november 2021Zweden

Mileway leases over 16,000 sqm in Sweden as demand for last mile logistics continues to boom

oktober 2021Zweden

Mileway signs two large leases as presence continues to grow in Sweden

oktober 2021Groep

Mileway appoints Julie Villet as Head of ESG and Innovation as it looks to accelerate its ESG ambitions

oktober 2021Duitsland

Mileway grows customer relationships in Germany as demand for last mile properties continues to soar

Mileway completes refurbishment of a property near Lille
oktober 2021Frankrijk

Mileway completes refurbishment of a property near Lille

september 2021Duitsland

Mileway completes two significant acquisitions in Germany as presence continues to grow

september 2021Denemarken

Mileway continues to strengthen Nordics presence with over 185,000 sqm of logistics and industrial acquisitions in Denmark

september 2021Italië

Mileway goes from strength to strength in Italy

juli 2021Zweden

Mileway signs up CaMa Gruppen for over 11,000 sqm of space in Gothenburg

juni 2021Zweden

Mileway leases last mile logistics property to Budbee

mei 2021Duitsland

Mileway leases last mile delivery station to Amazon

maart 2021Groep

Mileway strengthens last mile portfolio in UK and France with £250m deal for 50 assets

december 2020Spanje

Mileway acquires major multi-let last mile asset in Pamplona

december 2020Frankrijk

Mileway signs five new leases in France as demand for last mile logistics real estate continues to surge

december 2020Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway boosts London presence with the acquisition of 235,000 sq ft portfolio

november 2020Verenigd Koninkrijk

Mileway acquires high-end 138,000 sq ft logistics property in prime London location

oktober 2020Nederland

Mileway secures 15-year lease with leading Dutch transport and logistics provider amid rise in demand for last mile logistics real estate

oktober 2020Italië

Mileway sees surge in demand for last mile warehouse space amid e-commerce growth in Italy

september 2020Groep

Kevin Muscat Joins Mileway as Head of Transactions

augustus 2020Groep

Mileway expands partnership with DHL Supply Chain

februari 2020Groep

Mileway grows its leadership team across Europe

januari 2020Groep

Panayot Vasilev Joins Mileway as Chief Financial Officer

september 2019Groep

Blackstone launches Mileway – largest last mile logistics real estate company in Europe


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